Condensing Boilers – A Few Myths Explained

Published: 14th February 2012
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One thing that all central heating experts will agree on and repeat time and time again is that the installing of condensing boilers within a home will significantly help you save energy and cut down on your household fuel bills.
For many years now, condensing boilers have been extensively used on the European continent and in North America, in fact they have been in common use since the eighties. But in the United Kingdom condensing boilers still command a very small percentage of the total number of boilers sold. There are two main reasons why there has been a small take up of condensing boilers, which in turn, end up costing the UK householder much money in their winter fuel costs compared to their European and North American contemporaries.
They are:
High Cost of Condensing Boilers
Poor Knowledge of Technology used for Condensing Boilers
High Cost of Condensing Boilers
Condensing boilers have long been seen as a desirable central heating system to have, but also very expensive. Extended credit payback periods and favourable running costs have been well received, but the cost when compared to other boiler systems puts off potential buyers. In the past the government have offered cash back schemes in an attempt to get the general public to take up condensing boilers, but to date the percentage of condensing boilers is still very low in the United Kingdom.
It is hoped, that over time the cost of condensing boilers will come down as the technology used in them becomes more mainstream. The benefits of installing these boilers are now much more beneficial than ever before. You can compare the prices yourself for yourself - any reputable central heating service retailer or manufacturer will have an extensive list of price comparison fuel costs, that will put condensing boilers in a good light.
The costs today are much more favourable than in the past and the savings you make on the expence of the fuel are far more beneficial in the long run.
Poor Knowledge of Technology used for Condensing Boilers
Once again, the passing of time has reduced this obstacle to purchasing condensing boilers. Yet there still remains a number myths surrounding gas condensing boilers, the points below attempt to address them:
Condensing boilers are compatible for replacing nearly all contemporary and out of date boiler systems, whether they are wall hung units or floor standing models as extended fluing accessories are available.
The location and installation of condensing boilers are no different to other systems, the only other consideration required is the installation of a condensate drain and the extra plumbing this will involve.
No major changes will need to be made to the system design as the condensing boilers can be easily fitted to fully pumped heating systems with no major adjustments required.
The heating system will not have to condense to achieve the efficiency improvements required, in normal circumstances condensing boilers maintain a seasonal efficiency rate of between 83 and 92 per cent. This fir outweighs non-condensing boilers that have a rate of just 75 per cent and older boilers that only manage 55 to 60 per cent.
You do not need to fit oversized radiators with condensing boilers to gain the required fuel efficiency rate, changes to the system are not required when the system is being replaced with these boilers.
If you require further information regarding the installation of condensing boilers please do not hesitate in contacting a reputable boiler installation retailer or manufacturer, they will be happy to answer your questions.

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